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Healthy Systems

Healthy Systems

In spite the fact that they are critical for most businesses where they are in operation, the compressed air systems are often ignored until a problem appears, or the compressors fail to keep up with rising air demand. Additionally it is important to note that the compressed air systems use up to 10% of total Industrial electricity use in most regions with industrial presence, so it makes sense to look at their energy cost. The figure 1 illustrates the cost of a typical compressor system over a 10 year lifecycle, showing how important are the energy costs versus the overall cost of a system.

The energy will also increase the proportion of compressed air that is used for production and minimize unnecessary waste, again resulting in significant cost savings. An example of just how much demand on compressed air system can be wasted is shown in figure 2 below. 

With 73% of the cost of a compressor due to energy use, significant cost saving will be made by improving energy efficiency as well as the added benefits  of improving the performance of your system and reducing you organization’s ‘carbon footprint.

Our strongest suggestion is to leverage the best practices in the industry and follow a strict guideline which will provide considerable savings and efficiency optimization.

Monitor your air compressor

Perform regular inspections

Perform needed maintenance repairs

Have an emergency repair & maintenance service provider number ready

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